Lowell Farms | Wonka Bars | Sativa (3.5g)

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21% THC

Created by combining GMO and Mint Chocolate Chip Strains, this potent offspring offers a sweet nutty flavor with mint sneaking in the background. Wonka Bars is considered a “creeper” meaning its high sneaks up on you slowly over time before you finally feel the full effects. Giving you a light boost in energy, Wonka bars offers a cerebral high with relaxing body effects that don’t cause sedation. This strain is also known for its deep green and purple leaves with an overwhelming amount of orange hairs and crystals.

Based in Santa Barbara, CA – Lowell Herb Co are one of California’s top organic cannabis cultivators. Best-known for their wide variety of seasonal flowers and prerolls, Lowell prides themselves on using only organic fetilizer and materials throughout the cultivation process.

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